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So...What’s a Job Shop?

If you’re fairly new to the machining or manufacturing world you may unfamiliar with the term “job shop” - which is exactly what American Machine Works, Inc. is. 

For us here at AMW, Inc., job shop refers to the production structure of our machine shop floor. Here, small batches of parts are made in succession for the most output in the least number of steps and in the least amount of time. It takes time, effort and specialized equipment to move parts across the floor so similar equipment is grouped together for maximum efficiency

Job-Shop Benefits

First and foremost - efficiency. The less a part has to travel around the shop, the faster it can be worked on. 

Secondarily, a job shop allows for flexibility. A variety of parts can be made at once in separate areas of the shop. This is clearly financially beneficial as well.  The more parts that can be made at once the better, right? 

Finally, scheduling a job based on the route it will take through the shop adds another level of organization and planning to the mix. This may sound more complicated, but it’s actually better for business. Ensuring each job begins and ends on the correct equipment, in the correct order, and at the correct time requires multifaceted planning. This level of planning, in turn, encourages additional focus on on-time delivery as well.  

Job shops aren’t strictly limited to manufacturing either – anything from your favorite French restaurant, paint shops and even commercial print shops, like American Printing and Advertising, can utilize a job shop set up for maximum efficiency.

Thanks for visiting our blog today to learn more about what a job shop is and why we use one.

Until next time, we’ve enjoyed talking shop with you!

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